Training in the health, spa and wellness tourism sector

Luxury SPA Hotels and Resorts

We have extensive experience as consultants and trainers in international groups in the world of spa, aesthetics and wellness (Sixsenses Spa at Hotel Arts Barcelona, Ritz Carlton), which has allowed us to identify the needs of these high-level structures and propose training programs for managers and employees before the opening (pre-opening) and later, in continuous training.

Our training criteria respond to the needs and requirements of the best international hotels and spa, following the specific regulations for the highest ranges of the luxury sector in terms of excellence.


The personalized methodology of training that we offer uses all the available means to facilitate an effective, pleasant, practical and high level learning.


The formations are carried out as theoretical-practical seminars and through a coaching within the structure and a debriefing at the end of the day. The objective is to achieve theoretical, practical and, above all, complementarity among all team members. The final result is customer satisfaction.


Spa Manager

  • Team building: support of the manager in the selection of human teams through skills tests, technical skills, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • To deepen in specific theoretical knowledge for certain cures, aesthetic and / or training apparatus.
  • Help in the development of specific protocols (anti-aging, detox, cellulite, thinning, wrinkles, post-partum ...)
  • Help in the development of massage rituals; detoxification, exfoliation, regeneration, cleansing and nutrition of the skin.
  • It helps in the choice of cosmetic brands, cosmeceuticals, micro-nutritional supplements, nutricosmetics and essential oils.
  • Analysis of the center's performance and development strategy.
  • Development of new concepts and equipment for fitness and aesthetics.
  • Mental coaching, to help managers manage stress and optimize their own performance (executive coaching).

Front Office and reception

  • Welcome and quality relationship with the client, based on the principles of NLP.
  • Specific attention and understanding of the client's needs to propose adapted cures.
  • Know and promote the synergies of Spa treatments.
  • Ensure cohesion, communication and a good atmosphere between the client and the professionals of the Spa and the hotel (managers, therapists, personal trainers and the rest of the hotel staff).

Spa therapists, physiotherapists,  massage therapist and personal trainers

In this area we emphasize the cohesion of your team with our Probodyone team building method based on training focused on synergy, as well as the requirements of your SPA & Wellness.

  • Update of the competences of your team with specific training for each professional (spa therapists, physio, masseurs ...)
  • Development of specific manual skills "Probodyone sens of touch".
  • Learn specific techniques with a global vision for each type of profession (physical trainer: Fitbodyone, aestheticians: Esteticbodyone, physiotherapist: Physicalbodyone).
  • Ergonomics and posture of the therapists for greater effectiveness of the services provided and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (Ergobodyone).
  • Supervision, team training.
  • Debriefing of the treatments carried out during the day.


Below, some of the specific training courses we offer that have allowed a substantial development to Spa & wellness centers that have relied on our services:

  1. Interest in cosmeceutical and nutricosmetic synergy for body and facial treatments.
  2. The use of cosmetic and cosmeceutical products based on different types of skin.
  3. The main products and active ingredients in cosmetics and how to enhance their use.
  4. The prevention of cellular aging and free radicals with micronutrients, nutricosmetics and cosmetics.
  5. The natural anti-wrinkle treatment.
  6. Weight loss: spa synergy, nutrition and specific physical activity.
  7. How to promote lipolysis?
  8. Current status in the treatment of cellulite.
  9. The massage of the scalp.
  10. Spa treatments in the pre and post natal.
  11. Massage for a pregnant woman and baby massage.
  12. Development of specific protocols: Jet lag, anti-stress, detoxification, recovery or sports preparation, cellulite, recovery and revitalization, antioxidants, anti-aging, etc.
  13. Knowing how to propose complementary services and establish a personalized protocol with clients.
  14. Manipulation, lymphatic drainage and stimulation of the lymphatic flow.
  15. The different types of physiotherapy massages and indications: transversal, circulatory, superficial, deep, relaxing, energizing, sports, defibrator.
  16. Massage and specific drainage of the face as preparation for facial aesthetic treatments prior to the celebration of events: television programs, receptions, weddings.
  17. Improvement of the different types of manual therapies used in the spa: refine the "sense of touch" touch, at the same time technical, sensory and intuitive, to enhance your intelligence in listening to the rhythms and palpation of body tissues.
  18. The soft tissue techniques.
  19. Fasciatherapia: For whom and how can it be applied?
  20. The stretching of the muscle-tendon chain.
  21. Palpatory anatomy and Micro-traumatology applied to the needs of Spa therapists and personal trainers.
  22. Micro-nutrition and sports nutrition to enhance Soa treatments, fitness programs and training.
  23. Holistic methods of functional training: application in the material of the structure.
  24. Expertise and optimization of aesthetic, hydrotherapy and physical training apparatus. Interest of biofeedback devices.
  25. Inclusion of different types of ancestral massage in the spa: Thai, Tuina, Shiatsu ...
  26. Inclusion of yoga and energetic gymnastics (chi kung, tai-chi) in the services offered.
  27. Interest of marine algae.
  28. Hot stones: applications after the treatment of trigger points.
  29. Establishment of an osteo-posturo-morpho-aesthetic consultation in the Spa.
  30. An intelligent approach to pool relaxation: aquatic osteopathy.

Course-Masterclass in development of spa protocols

Course-Masterclass of soft tissue massage

Course-Masterclass of Aquabodyone: holistic aquatic therapy



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