Training for professionals in health, sports and aesthetics

Courses and master classes for doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, nutritionists, coach ...

We offer courses and masterclasses for professionals who wish to improve their skills or acquire a broader and more comprehensive understanding of the functioning of the human body and the possibilities of specific holistic interventions in their professional activities according to the Probodyone method.

Who is it for?

Our training seminars are aimed at professionals in the world of health, sport and aesthetics entitled, who want to acquire more advanced skills in their professional field and an opening to a synergistic and integrating vision according to the Probodyone method.


We also offer courses to support students of osteopathic medicine and physiotherapy on the biomechanical principles of spinal manipulation and practices to enhance their manual technical skills in the practice of adjustments.

Theory and practice

The different topics will be treated by modules oriented to essential theoretical knowledge, but above all to an intensive practice so that it can be applied immediately after the course and thus facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge

Short modules

The modules are short, with a duration that can range from 3 hours to 3 days. It deals with a particular topic oriented towards holistic health, functional training and integral aesthetics.

Qualified professionals

An expert in his professional field with extensive experience and a specialist in the Probodyone method can intervene in each training.


Two learning itineraries are proposed for professionals in health, sports, aesthetics and well-being, based on the objectives of each one:

Itinerary 1:

Train professionals to develop their knowledge and skills in order to improve performance in their professional activity. Intervention of a professional specialized in his specific field.

Itinerary 2:

Similar to the first, but more focused towards the acquisition of the Probodyone concept and method. Classes alternate between the specialist of the concrete profession and our training with the Probodyone method.

The second itinerary offers the opportunity to become a reference for the Probodyone method, which will allow us to introduce you as a "Probodyone consultant, trainer and coach" in the various projects we offer.


The courses and master classes are done in small groups or in one-two-one (one teacher, two students and one model) to favor optimized learning for the integration and efficient and immediate implementation.

Course-Masterclass in osteopathy and manual therapy

Course-Masterclass of neurosensory posturology

Course-Masterclass of micronutrition and supplements

Course-Masterclass of ergonomics and stress at work

Course-Masterclass physical coaching

Course-Masterclass mental coaching

Course-Masterclass in lymphatic drainage in movement

Course-Masterclass bodyone equilibrium



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