Education in sustainable health

Lectures to all public in health and performance optimization

We organize regular conferences and workshops on topics of general interest open to all public. Topics that are usually discussed revolve around the following ideas:

  1. Global and sustainable health.
  2. Nutrition, organic nutrition, nutritional supplements.
  3. Sport, health and well-being
  4. The care of the body and natural cosmetics.
  5. Emotional education
  6. Postural education for adults and children.
  7. Ergonomics in everyday life and at work.
  8. Others...

We also offer conferences in which topics are oriented towards specific issues of the Probodyone method and how it provides concrete solutions in the field of quality education, adapted to all and easy to apply in everyday life. Here is a list of the most frequently discussed topics:

  1. Selfbodyone, to relieve or improve the functioning of the spine and joints.
  2. Selfbodyone to improve the functioning of the digestive organs.
  3. The Probodyone method in postural education.
  4. Preparation for childbirth with the Probodyone method.
  5. The Probodyone method in post-partum.
  6. Harmonic growth of teenagers' backs with Selfbodyone.
  7. The Probodyone method and the belly school.
  8. The kitchen of health and micronutrients: knowing and using food ingredients, aromatic plants, cooking methods, etc., and their health benefits.
  9. Bucco-dental hygiene with micronutrition.
  10. Micro-nutrition and cosmeceutical synergy for skin and hair.
  11. Latest advances in food supplements, cosmetics and nutricosmetics.
  12. Training in dietary supplements with the Probodyone concept.
  13. Quality criteria of dietary supplements: know how to choose among the various products offered by laboratories.
  14. Prevention

Course-Masterclass in postural education

Course-Masterclass emotional education

Course-Masterclass nutritional education



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