A powerful method of synergy between osteopathy, posturology, micronutrition, ergonomics, physical and mental coaching, together with the most advanced technologies

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Our fundamental objective is the health and well-being of all those who approach our institutes. For this, the starting point is to consider the person in an integral way, in a concept of body-mind unity and always from the perspective that each individual is unique and unrepeatable. With this in mind and based on evidence base medicine (evaluate, measure, treat), we propose synergistic treatments, going to the root of the problem.

Scientific measurement

Synergistic natural treatment

Synergistic evaluation and treatments

Global and specific evaluation

Research methodology and intervention

1. Analysis

We observe and evaluate all the global and specific aspects of the situation

2. Integration

We consider the human being as a chrono-biological unit where all its systems interact in time (mechanical, metabolic, physical and mental)

3. Synergy

Depending on the interaction of the systems and the environment in which they interact (such as the man-machine-environment interface), we apply our ProBodyOne method

4. Adaptation

This method is adapted to the needs or objectives required and previously defined in time (short, medium and long term)

5. Intervention

We apply our method through treatments, consulting, coaching and / or training

See specific programs for the family, athletes, artists, executives...





High technology in Barcelona

The best elite technology for athletes, artists and the general public

Huber Platform 360

Our Barcelona facilities have the most advanced technologies in the field of health and aesthetics, among which the Huber360 motorized platform used in the field of posturology and neurosensory reprogramming.


It is a tool for postural and neuro-sensorial reprogramming, which can be used as a method of physical and cognitive training, or for other areas such as weight loss, physiotherapy and rehabilitation of postural disorders (scoliosis, kyphosis, hyperlordosis) or disorders of balance and dizziness. For each person their specific program is prepared. It is used by high level athletes such as basketball players of the NBA or football players of the NFL. It is an exclusive service in Barcelona, also available to individuals.

Cellu M6 Integral

Along with this excellent tool, we have added the most advanced LPG Endermologie for facial and body treatments: Cellu M6 Integral, with very diverse applications in health and aesthetics, according to individual needs: rejuvenation, recovery of the figure after pregnancy, treatment of scars, etc.

Radiofrequency: INDIBA

To enhance your health and your beauty from the inside we have the sophisticated technology of INDIBA, for therapeutic treatments, that activate cellular metabolism, both facially and corporately, with exceptional benefits thanks to the Proionic System (stable frequency at 448 kHz, which confers optimal performance at the cellular level).


We use one of the most advanced tools in muscle assessment: muscle tone, stiffness and visco-elasticity. This medical device is used by scientists and researchers from the largest international universities in the field of muscle analysis, as well as the European Space Agency in the case of research on the structural changes of muscle fiber in zero gravity of astronauts